What We Do

Productivity Improvement that Drives World-Class Outcomes

We support our member organisations’ productivity improvement by implementing a business excellence approach. This can be done  by team, or across the organisation.

Sharing knowledge and performance excellence tools to support you and your organisation.

Connecting you with like-minded organisations and individuals to leverage and share knowledge, and collaborate on world-class business practices through networking and mentoring opportunities.

Guiding and helping you track your journey to world-class levels of business excellence through self-assessment, facilitated assessments and training opportunities.

Recognising your achievements in pursuing performance excellence through evaluation and awards programmes.

“I see the Baldrige process as a powerful set of mechanisms for disciplined people engaged in disciplined thought and taking disciplined action to created great organizations that produce exceptional results.”

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

What the NZBEF Offers You!

We provide a range of products and services to support all organisations on their business excellence journey.

The Criteria for Performance Excellence

Assistance in interpreting and applying the internationally recognised, best practice and performance excellence framework. 

Organisational Assessment Tools

A range of options to evaluate your organisation that are tailored to your organisations individual business needs including, strategic assessment, workforce engagement and customer insight assessments.

Training Course Discounts Through NZBEF

A range of performance improvement programmes, either public or in-house, tailored to your needs.

Dedicated NZBEF Membership Manager

NZBEF members receive unique support throughout the whole of their membership from an experienced NZBEF professional


Various opportunities for the sharing of knowledge, through our community of like-minded organisations.

Knowledge Base

Our repository of over 1200 documents all relevant to the many facets of applying the Criteria for Performance Excellence.

Tool Kits

Access to a range of tools and guides to the implementation of performance excellence.

Access to BPIR.com

This is an international resource for benchmarks, best practice and performance excellence administered by Dr. Robin Mann of Massey University.

Social Media

News, events and articles pertinent to our membership.

NZBEF Awards

These awards are based on independently evaluated organisational achievement, and from the evaluation part of the continuous improvement cycle.  The award has two parts, one is the award itself, and arguably the most important part is the comprehensive feedback report.

Personal Development

This takes the form of training in the Criteria for Performance Excellence (CPE), how to evaluate against the CPE and actual opportunities to utilise the training in evaluation situations.

Attendance at NZOQ Events

NZBEF members are able to attend NZ Organisation for Quality (NZOQ) events at the member rate.

EFQM 1 Day Awareness Courses

Opportunities for EFQM awareness or training opportunities

NZBEF Strategic Development Workshop

NZBEF Members can gain an exclusive insight into our deeper and more extensive programs by experiencing a short strategic development workshop personalised to your organisation and put together by NZBEF experts

Promotion of Non-Commercial Activities and Announcements

NZBEF is always proud to share great news and activities from our members. Our members can benefit from increasing their visibility through our community at the launch of their membership and ongoing through our social media channels

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New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation

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81 Grafton Road,

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